FAQs About Geriatric Massage

Caregivers in Niles IL: FAQs About Geriatric Massage
Caregivers in Niles IL: FAQs About Geriatric Massage

Massages were once thought of as a luxurious indulgence for celebrities. However, studies show that the health benefits of massages benefit people of all ages, especially for elderly adults. With a certified geriatric massage therapist, seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life despite chronic conditions, disabilities and illnesses. Family caregivers that are interested in geriatric massage for elderly relatives should start by learning more about this effective procedure.

Q: What is geriatric massage?

A: Geriatric massage refers to a specific clientele that a trained and certified masseuse can treat. This unique form of massage uses pressure to manipulate the body’s soft tissues, move joints and increase blood flow. The techniques in geriatric massage are designed to meet the needs of elderly clients and consider their medical conditions, both physical and mental.

Q: What are the physical benefits of geriatric massage?

A: Aging takes a toll on the body and some of the more common conditions include muscle aches, headaches, chronic pain, poor digestion, slow circulation, stiff joints, tight tendons, high blood pressure, diminished appetite and insomnia. Research shows that regular geriatric massage sessions can improve or neutralize some or all of these age-related conditions.

Q: What are the mental benefits of geriatric massage?

A: Most people know that massages are extremely relaxing and studies show that there is a link between reduced anxiety and depression and regular massages. Seniors often go undiagnosed for both these conditions, so geriatric massages can increase positive feelings. Massages are also a wonderful stress reducer and can soothe even the most irritated senior.

Q: Can massages really help with loneliness and self-esteem?

A: As unusual as it sounds, massages can definitely help seniors deal with feelings of loneliness and lower self-esteem. Many elderly adults grow isolated as they get older, and massages provide regular contact and touch with another person. It’s common for seniors to be touch deprived as they lose friends and spouses and no longer live with children. The phenomenon is known as touch hunger, and it seriously affects seniors. Massages provide human touch on a regular basis and invigorates the psyche.

Q: Where can family caregivers locate geriatric massage services?

A: There are many places that provide geriatric massage sessions. The most common locations include massage centers that specialize in elderly clients, senior citizen centers, aging service organizations, clinics, hospitals and even fitness centers. As long as the masseuse has experience and certification in geriatric massage, they should be a good fit for an elderly relative.

Family caregivers should seriously consider geriatric massages for their elderly relative. Not only does geriatric massage help with all kinds of health issues, it also provides that extra tender care that can boost their general outlook on life. Take into consideration the elderly person’s health issues and mobility and check with their doctor before beginning any kind of geriatric massage therapy program.



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