What Can You Do to Be a Caregiver from Far Away?

Elder Care in Park Ridge IL: What Can You Do to Be a Caregiver from Far Away?
Elder Care in Park Ridge IL: What Can You Do to Be a Caregiver from Far Away?

Being a caregiver from a long distance doesn’t always seem feasible at first, but there are still quite a few things that you can do that are extremely useful for your senior. Each situation is different and you might find that you start out handling some tasks and then gradually add others.

Offer Emotional Support to Your Aging Adult

Your senior may not need you to be there for her in person, but your support from afar can be invaluable. There may be times that your aging adult simply needs to hear that you care about her and what she’s going through, no matter what that is. You may also be providing emotional support to family members who live much closer to your senior and see her more often than you can.

Coordinate In-person Services and Agencies

When you can’t be there, it helps to know that someone else can be. From your own home, you can coordinate visits from agencies that help the elderly with the same situations your senior is dealing with right now. You can also hire elder care providers who can keep you informed about what is happening on a daily basis.

Handle Research and Phone Calls

Your senior may not feel much like handling those mundane phone calls and emails to sort through issues with insurance companies and other entities. You may find that you’re suddenly helping her to manage her bills or research health conditions for her from where you are. These are all ways that you can offer concrete help to your elderly family member, even from your home far away.

Keep Other Family Members Informed

Sometimes elderly adults tell different family members one piece of the situation. When that happens, you can quickly find that keeping each other in the loop is vital. From your position farther away, you may be able to keep track of these individual bits of information to help put together a full picture.

Your situation and your senior’s situation may change in the future. It may eventually be possible for you to be more hands-on with your caregiving at some point and you’ll have done a lot of the research already.

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