What Kinds of Assistive Devices Can Help Your Loved One Use the Restroom Safely?

Senior Care in Park Ridge IL

Senior Care in Park Ridge ILToileting can be a dangerous and vulnerable time for your elderly loved one. Making sure that she can do what she needs to do safely is easier to do when you have the right kinds of assistive devices available to her.

Elevated Toilet Seats or Toilet Risers

Elevated toilet seats sit on top of the existing toilet seat, replacing it with a higher version. Toilet risers, on the other hand, install between the floor and the toilet to increase the height of the toilet overall. These items aren’t permanent, but they do secure to the toilet. Elevated toilet seats and toilet risers are useful if your loved one finds it difficult to raise and lower herself from the toilet.

Safety Rails for the Toilet

Toilet safety rails fit around or onto the toilet itself. Some can bolt to the floor or the wall while other versions secure around the toilet itself to hold them in place. These rails give your loved one a stable place to grab for balance and to help support her weight as she raises and lowers herself onto the toilet.

Handheld Urinals and Bedpans

If your elderly loved one has difficulty getting up from bed or from a seated position to go to the bathroom, especially at night, then handheld urinals and bedpans can be very helpful for her. Many of these types of devices are built with spill-reducing features, which help to avoid big cleanups later. They’re also made from materials that are easy to keep clean and sterile for your loved one.

Bedside Commode Chairs

Commode chairs are usually made with a metal frame and use a plastic commode within the fame. This type of device can sit beside your loved one’s bed, recliner, or couch. It’s perfect for a loved one who can get out of bed but possibly not to the bathroom in time. the chair is portable enough that you can move it to wherever your elderly loved one needs it at any given time.

Ask your elderly loved one’s physician to help you determine which devices would be most useful for your elderly loved one if you’re having trouble narrowing down the choices.

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