Why Should Your Senior Care about Drinking More Water?

Elder Care in Mount Prospect IL: Why Should Your Senior Care about Drinking More Water?
Elder Care in Mount Prospect IL: Why Should Your Senior Care about Drinking More Water?

For many aging adults, the idea of drinking more water just isn’t an interesting or appealing idea. That makes sense, but it’s important for her to understand what drinking even a little more water can do for her health. These are just a few of the ways that staying properly hydrated can be a big boon to your aging adult.

She’s Less Susceptible to Blood Clots

Dehydration can cause your senior’s blood to thicken and if she already has some other risk factors for blood clots, she may find that she’s at higher risk. Talk to your senior’s doctor about her existing risk factors and whether dehydration is something she needs to be concerned about.

Her Blood Pressure Might Be Lower

Thicker blood can also make your senior’s circulatory system work harder than it should have to. That increases her blood pressure and if that’s already high, she can be facing big problems. Drinking even just a little bit more water each day can help to relieve that pressure and allow her circulatory system to work a little easier.

She Might Experience Less Constipation

Water helps everything in your senior’s body to work better and to move better, including her bowels. Not having enough water in your senior’s system can cause her bowels to slow down, which can lead to constipation. Many over-the-counter constipation remedies rely on drawing water from the body into the intestines, which is difficult if she’s already dehydrated.

She Might Be Less Likely to Have a UTI

Without enough water, your senior’s urinary tract slows down and functions differently, too. She may find that when she’s not drinking enough water to flush her kidneys and her bladder, she’s more susceptible to infections in either of those organs. UTIs are painful and if they can be avoided simply by drinking more water, that’s idea.

Her Medications Might Work Better

Some medications can create electrolyte or fluid imbalances in your senior’s body. Others simply work better when your elderly family member is properly hydrated. You can talk to her doctor or her pharmacist about how water intake affects her current medications. Her doctor can give you an idea how much water your elderly family member should ideally be drinking every day, too.

Drinking more water isn’t always as easy as it sounds, though. Your elderly family member might need help from you and other family members as well as people such as elder care providers to remember to drink plenty of water.

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