Five Reasons Family Caregivers Say They Chose to Hire Home Care

Homecare in Park Ridge IL: Five Reasons Family Caregivers Say They Chose to Hire Home Care
Homecare in Park Ridge IL: Five Reasons Family Caregivers Say They Chose to Hire Home Care

When a parent needs help, a first thought is usually to take care of it yourself. Sacrificing an hour or two each day or week to help out seems best. Over time, some find that decision weighs heavily on their well-being. Here are five stories from caregivers who made the decision to hire home care.

There’s No Need to Cut Work Hours

To care for an elderly parent, many family caregivers have to reduce hours at work. If that’s not possible, home care services have to be arranged before or after work hours and on days off. In addition to a full-time work schedule, evenings, weekends, and early mornings are now spent taking care of someone else. Free time becomes a thing of the past.

A Move to a New Location Doesn’t Have to Happen

Selling a house takes time and money. Lawyer fees, closing costs, and movers can eat up a good chunk of a senior citizen’s savings. When home care is chosen, the need to move to a new home is eliminated.

Parents Listen Better to Someone Else

Family caregivers often find their parents are resistant to doing what their adult children ask them to do. They were the parent for two decades, and it’s hard to switch roles. They’ll argue points, refuse to do certain things, and get frustrated when they’re pushed. It’s often easier to have a caregiver come in on the terms that the caregiver is an employee and the senior citizen retains the role of “boss.”

Some Home Care Tasks Are Hard to Do Without Training

There are some aspects of home care that are really hard for an untrained family caregiver to handle. Lifting a parent in and out of bed or a shower is hard when you don’t have the upper-body strength. Remaining patient when your parent is refusing to do what you ask is challenging.

The Need to Take a Break

Family caregivers who try to do it all without help are prone to burning out. They’re also more likely to delay medical appointments and self-care. This can lead to extreme stress that impacts mental, emotional, and physical health.

You can provide your mom or dad’s care on your own, but you should never feel like it’s the only option. Home care can be a lifesaver, even if you only use the services for an hour or two a week. Call us today to learn more about respite care.

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