Consider Elderly Care Providers for Senior Night Care

Elder Care Park Ridge IL: Senior Night Care
Elder Care Park Ridge IL: Senior Night Care

Getting up several times in the night to help their elderly parent is a common occurrence for family caregivers. There are numerous health conditions that awaken aging adults in the night when they should be sleeping. For seniors with mobility issues or cognitive decline, they already rely on a family caregiver for help with daily tasks. At night, they need similar help, too.

Family caregivers that spend their days taking care of aging loved ones can’t afford to have their sleep disrupted night after night. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect a family caregiver’s physical and mental health, which could lead to caregiver burnout. Many family caregivers are turning to elder care providers to do senior night care, so they can get enough sleep to tackle the challenges of each day.

Here are just some of the ways that elder care providers can make nighttime easier for aging adults and give family caregivers the rest they need:

  • Assisting with bathroom trips: It’s common for elderly adults to make frequent trips to the bathroom, especially if they have a urinary tract infection, diabetes or overactive bladder. An elder care provider can help them get to the toilet in a timely manner and assist them in the event there is an accident.
  • Insomnia: There are many reasons why elderly adults have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. An elder care provider can be at their side to help them get situated and settled enough to get back to sleep.
  • Chronic pain: With lots of health issues that result in chronic pain, it’s no wonder that elderly adults often wake up in the night. Sometimes they need repositioning to get more comfortable, such as a pillow behind their back or turned to lay on their other side. Often, some pain medication can help get back to sleep. The elderly care provider cannot administer medication but can oversee the senior as they do it.
  • Dementia: It’s very common for seniors with dementia to have problems sleeping. If they wake up in the night, they are often disoriented and panic. It takes a while to get them calm and back to sleep. Wandering is quite common with seniors and dementia. To keep them safe and accounted for, elder care providers on night duty can step in and take over.
  • Less sleep: Sometimes elderly adults simply need less sleep than others. In this case, they may be bored, restless or irritated. An elder care provider can help them focus on quiet activities and keep them occupied so they don’t become agitated or bored.
  • Safety: If the elderly adult is living on their own, they may fear to be alone at night. Having another person in the house can be a great comfort and may lead to deeper and more restful sleep. Even if their physical needs are minimum, a senior who doesn’t like to be alone can gain peace of mind knowing that someone is there to keep them company and help if needed.

No matter why an aging adult gets up in the night, family caregivers should consider how valuable and important night care services are for their health and safety.

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