5 Strategies for Preventing Falls

Elderly Care in Mount Prospect IL: 5 Strategies for Preventing Falls
Elderly Care in Mount Prospect IL: 5 Strategies for Preventing Falls

Falling is the number one cause of injuries for senior citizens. In fact, every 11 seconds a senior citizen is seen in an emergency room as a result of a fall. As people age, there are several factors that make them more likely to fall, such as health conditions, medications that may cause dizziness, and changes to the body. The good news is that there are many things that can be done to prevent falls, and enlisting the help of the caregiver who provides elderly care to your parent can make the job of keeping your mom or dad safe easier and less stressful. Here are some of the ways you can prevent falls for your elderly parent.

#1: Stay on Top of Health Concerns

Make sure that you or your parent talks to the doctor about fall concerns. There are several things the doctor can do to lessen the risk of falling. For example, people whose bones are weak are more likely to be injured in the event of a fall, so it’s important that your parent gets enough vitamin D and calcium. A doctor can recommend the proper amounts of these important nutrients. The doctor may also recommend a vision test since not being able to see properly could cause your parent to trip over objects or bump into things.

#2 Check that Footwear is Safe and Appropriate

Wearing certain kinds of shoes can make falling more likely, so make sure your parent avoids wearing shoes like flip flops, high heels, or slippery shoes. Instead, opt for shoes that provide good traction and that fit well. Because it can be difficult for older people to give up style for the sake of safety, be sure that your parent’s elderly care provider is aware of the risk of allowing your parent to wear shoes that may not be safe.

#3 Ensure that Your Parent’s Home is Safe

Do a walk-through of your parent’s home to look for safety concerns. You may need to change the lighting to improve visibility, remove trip hazards like loose rugs, add stair rails on both sides of all steps, and add grab bars to the bathroom to give your parent something to hold on to when needed.

#4 Remind Your Parent to Use Their Cane or Walker

If your doctor has recommended that your parent use a cane or walker, make sure your parent uses it consistently. Because adjusting to a new way of moving about can take some time, ask the elderly care provider to help your parent to remember their cane or walker as well.

#5 Enroll Your Parent in a Balance and Exercise Class

Balance exercises can go a long way toward helping your parent remain steady on their feet. Look for a class that is designed for senior citizens and focuses on strength and balance. Sometimes hospitals and senior centers offer classes in fall prevention that may be helpful as well.

Taking steps to help your parent prevent falls may be the key to keeping them safe and avoid trips to the emergency room. An elderly care provider can help you to work toward keeping your parent safe from falling and may even be able to suggest additional strategies.


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