How Can You Prepare for Caring for Your Senior on Vacation?

Home Care in Morton Grove IL: How Can You Prepare for Caring for Your Senior on Vacation?
Home Care in Morton Grove IL: How Can You Prepare for Caring for Your Senior on Vacation?

Going on vacation is a treasured tradition for many families. The summertime months are very popular time to hit the road, a plane, or even enjoy the rails for a family adventure. As a family caregiver, planning for a vacation has more challenges now that you care for your elderly adult. You must not just plan for the vacation itself, but also how you’re going to ensure they have the care they need while you’re away from home. While you hope they won’t need any type of extensive emergency care during your trip, preparing now will put everyone at ease, and ensure that if there is a serious situation, it can be handled quickly and effectively.

Use these tips to prepare for caring for your senior while on vacation:

  • Get copies of prescriptions from all of their doctors. In the event that you are delayed or they need to discuss their treatments with another doctor, having these copies will provide the information you need without putting their only copy at risk
  • Talk to their doctor about what types of medications they should bring with them, and how they should take care of these medications while traveling. You may need to make sure certain medications are kept in the cooler while you are on the road
  • Ask their doctor if they are familiar with any doctors or specialists in the area of your destination. If they do, they might be able to give you a recommendation for who or where to visit if your parent needs care while you are at your vacation destination
  • Have the doctor’s contact information readily available so you can easily contact them, or have a doctor at the destination contact them, if needed
  • Research hospitals in the destination so you can easily find them if the need arises. Consider booking a hotel near one of these centers to make access to care as simple as possible
  • Consider looking for home care in the destination area. This can provide access to respite care while you are there in the event your parent needs more assistance, or cannot participate in activities with your family

If you’re concerned about your seniors health or safety, or feel as though you don’t have the ability to fulfill their needs in the way they deserve, now may be the ideal time for you to integrate home care into your care routine. An in-home care provider can be a valuable addition to your care plan, whether your senior has mild to moderate needs, or extensive issues that require attentive care at all times. The schedule for the type of care provider is customizable, which means they’ll be there for your parents when they need it. The services are also personalized, ensuring your senior gets the support and care for their needs, but are still able to maintain as much independence as possible. This type of care can be valuable for your parent while on vacation, as well. Bringing along a home care provider means your senior will continue to have access to the care they need on a daily basis, enabling them to participate in the vacation as much as is right for them while giving you the freedom to enjoy your trip.

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