What Does Your Elderly Loved One Need in a Scooter?

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Home Care in Park Ridge ILOnce you determine that a scooter is the right option for your loved one, it’s important to look at the various features that you can get with the scooter.

A Comfortable Seat that Swivels and Convertible Armrests

Your loved one needs to be comfortable in her scooter, but she also needs to be able to maneuver safely and easily. So in addition to a comfortable seat that fits her properly, your loved one’s scooter also needs to have armrests that are supportive but that can also fold up to get them out of her way. Another plus is for the seat to swivel so your loved one can get into and out of it easily.

A Stable Base with Four Wheels

You can find quite a few different types of scooters out there, but the most stable ones are those that have a base with four wheels, one at each corner. This is especially important if your elderly loved one has balance issues since the four wheels can help keep the scooter stable while she stands or sits down.

Lights and Reflective Tape or Decals

If your loved one ever uses her scooter at night or in occasions where the lighting is low, it’s a good idea to make sure that your loved one’s scooter has lights on the front and the back. You can add these with aftermarket kits, but it’s much easier if you choose one that has that feature already installed. Also, reflective tape or decals along the rest of the scooter make it much easier to spot.

Controls that Are Easy to Use

A scooter that is difficult for your loved one to operate is likely going to be one that she avoids using, which defeats the purpose. Look for one that has simple controls that your loved one finds easy to operate on her own.

Mirrors, Storage, and Other Accessories

There are several other features that might seem frivolous at first, but they’re actually safety devices. Mirrors allow your loved one to see all sides of her as she’s operating the scooter. Storage sections give your loved one space to keep multiple items so that she doesn’t have to hold onto them, allowing her to concentrate on operating the scooter.

Keep the manual and other information about operating and troubleshooting the scooter handy so that other family members and elderly care providers can easily grab it if it’s needed.

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