Is In-Home Care Right for Your Loved One?

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When people have to move from their home, they are leaving behind more than a building. For many of them, their home is their identity – it’s where they feel most comfortable and where they have so many memories. This is why many people don’t want to move. They want to stay in their own environment as long as they can. But as time passes and independent living becomes more difficult, how do loved ones and their families decide what type of care is best and if in-home care is the right solution?

A-Abiding Care understands that making a decision to move into a facility and sell a home is an unalterable one, once completed. Our trained staff can help make the decision easier, providing you with the various options for care. As experienced providers of home care for seniors in Chicago, we can perform a complete assessment of medical conditions, local family support, financial ability for care, and mental status prior to making any formal recommendation for long-term care that involves a move away from home.

During the assessment, A-Abiding Care will consider the following questions, which you can use as a guide as well:

  • Is the senior able to call for assistance in an emergency situation or is total supervision and assistance needed?
  • Can the frail senior get up and down out of a chair or bed? Needing assistance in toileting means that care is needed constantly. However, if the person is able to get out of a chair or bed, then the care needed is sporadic and home care should be considered first.
  • Is the senior able to perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and eating without assistance or with minimal assistance, or is total assistance in all areas needed?
  • Is the senior able to socialize and enjoy recreation or does the senior need an escort and encouragement to attend any activities?
  • What is the mental status of the senior? It is far easier to care for an alert and mentally sharp but physically frail senior at home than it is to care for a cognitively impaired but physically active senior.

Our experienced team at A-Abiding Care can help you decide between which services you or your loved one needs. Our Chicago home care services include a free in-home assessment that will give you a clearer picture of what is needed and what can be provided. Contact us today to learn more about how A-Abiding Care can provide home care services for you in the Chicago area.

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