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A-Abiding Care contracts with Home Care Pulse to conduct client and caregiver satisfaction interviews each month. Home Care Pulse is a third party organization with years of experience performing quality interviews and benchmarking our performance against the entire home care industry in North America. Home Care Pulse draws real, unbiased feedback regarding the performance of our agency. As a result of their interviews and findings, we’re able to learn in detail exactly how our clients and caregivers feel about our services.

As a result of our client and caregiver interview scores, A-Abiding Care was recognized as a Trusted Provider and earned the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

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Here are a few of our favorite interview comments from our home care clients:

She has experience related to the type of care that I require.

It’s the small things that matter. They listen to my mom, they are patient with her as she is repetitive and it drives me crazy, but they do well with her when I can’t.

A-Abiding Care is very dependable, professional and courteous and they go out of their way to meet your needs, which is so uncommon. They’re responsive to all your issues and questions.

I speak very highly of A-Abiding Care because I’ve been with them for two years.

I would recommend A-Abiding Care because I am so impressed with the assessment nurses that visit me to check on how things are going and update my care plan.

Here are a few of our favorite reviews from our caregivers:

I love that the nurses do surprise home visits to check on how things are going and answer any questions I have or give me feedback on my performance.

I like how they match my skills and experience with the people that I can help the most. They don’t just send me anywhere.

A-Abiding Care conducts a through case exam to make sure we are compatible with the clients. I want to enjoy what I’m doing also and don’t want someone to be disappointed because I didn’t meet their expectations.

They are pretty efficient with their training every month, follow up on my nursing notes, getting paid every other week and returning my phone calls.

I appreciate the support from the RN’s when their is a medical change or an emergency.

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