Signs Inside Your Parent’s Home That Might Indicate They Need Home Care

Caregivers in Glenview IL: Signs Inside Your Parent's Home That Might Indicate They Need Home Care
Caregivers in Glenview IL: Signs Inside Your Parent’s Home That Might Indicate They Need Home Care

Deciding when to start home care for your aging parent can be one of the most important decisions you make for them during your journey as their family caregiver. Introducing an in-home senior care services provider into your care routine can be tremendously helpful at not only giving your parent the quality of life they deserve, but also reducing your stress, and helping you to feel more confident your parent is getting everything they need. When you visit your aging loved one, there are certain things around their home, as well as inside, that might indicate the need for home care. Paying attention to these signs can allow you to make the decision that is truly right for your parent.

Some signs inside your parent’s home that might indicate they need home care include:

  • Clutter or messiness when your aging parent has always been a neat and clean person
  • Unanswered mail, or piles of junk mail that has not been organized
  • Bills or notices from the bank, utilities, credit bureaus, and other organizations that indicate your senior has not paid, or that their utilities are at risk of being turned off
  • Trash that has not been taken out
  • Items in strange locations, such as cereal in the refrigerator, or clothing folded and placed in the oven instead of a drawer
  • Expired or spoiled food in the kitchen
  • Dishes or laundry that have not been done
  • Light fixtures that do not have light bulbs, or that have burned out light bulbs, which might indicate your senior is not able to maintain their own home, or is experiencing some level of cognitive function decline and does not remember to replace the bulb
  • Medications that are not organized, or that shows signs of your parent not taking the proper dose when and how they are supposed to
  • A lack of healthy, nutritious foods in the kitchen. Your parent might have an abundance of convenience foods and snack foods, but not high quality foods that may require additional preparation
  • The television turned up to an extremely loud volume
  • The TV moved closer to your senior’s favorite chair, which might indicate they are struggling with low vision or hearing problems
  • Presence of a rolling chair such as a desk chair in an unexpected room of the house, which might indicate your senior is struggling with mobility issues, and trying to compensate
  • Indications your parent might be struggling with incontinence

There is a common misconception that only senior adults who are very old, or who faced severe health problems or challenges and limitations can benefit from home care. The truth is, an in-home senior care services provider can offer a tremendous range of services tailored to an array of ages, challenges, and conditions. The goal of an in-home senior care services provider is simply to help your parent manage their challenges, and encourage them to live their highest quality of life. This means even if your senior only has mild to moderate challenges, or only needs a small amount of care a few hours a week, they can still greatly benefit from having an in-home senior care services provider. The customized services of this care provider promote greater independence and autonomy, encourage your parent to stimulate their mind and stretch their mental capacity for better cognitive functioning and memory, and the joy of learning new things, while supporting the health and safety your senior deserves.

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