What Do You Need to Know Right Away as a New Caregiver?

Elderly Care in Rolling Meadows IL: What Do You Need to Know Right Away as a New Caregiver?
Elderly Care in Rolling Meadows IL: What Do You Need to Know Right Away as a New Caregiver?

If your senior has experienced an emergency situation, you may have found yourself suddenly in the role of being a caregiver. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn as Much as You Can Right Now about What’s Happening

Chances are good that if you suddenly need to be your senior’s caregiver, something has happened. You need to learn as much as you can about what is going on and what you can do. Talk with your senior’s medical team and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

Go with Your Gut

You know your elderly family member well, most likely, and even though you’re in a sudden situation, you have instincts about how to help. Avoid second-guessing yourself and go with your gut instincts. When you combine your instincts with the information you’re gaining, you’re going to be able to help that much more.

You’re There to Be a Support for Your Senior

Your senior may be able to regain some of her independence after the crisis passes. The purpose of your help is to support her, not to do everything for her. When you do more for her than you should, you’re actually doing her a disservice. It’s important that you learn that distinction so that you’re not taking over too much.

Learn Your Limitations Quickly

Everyone has limits and if you don’t know yours, you’re more likely to end up in a pickle. Be realistic with yourself about how much you can do. Your own health or other obligations can be a key component of determining your own limitations. Respecting your own limitations can help you steer clear of stress more readily. If you ignore your own boundaries, though, you’re going to find yourself dealing with stress sooner and more often than you should.

Get Help Now Rather than Waiting

If you wait to get some extra help, you’re more likely to be extremely frustrated by the time you reach out. Hiring elderly care providers now is going to give you huge benefits. It can also shorten your learning curve about what you can do to help your senior as much as possible. You may only need a little bit of help, but that’s still better than overburdening yourself and stretching yourself too thin.

When the situation calms down a little bit, you can start to do a more in-depth evaluation of your senior’s needs. Until then, you are building a support system for yourself and for your aging adult.

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