June is Audiobook Appreciation Month: 4 Reasons for Seniors to Listen

Home Care in Glenview IL: June is Audiobook Appreciation Month: 4 Reasons for Seniors to Listen

If your parent used to love reading, but no longer spends much time reading, June might be the month to get them back into books – audiobooks, that is! Audiobooks are a wonderful alternative to reading and may have the same benefits for the brain as traditional reading. Researchers have found that reading can reduce the risk of cognitive decline and keep the brain healthier. Unfortunately, for some seniors, reading becomes more of a challenge with age. It can be difficult to see the words on the page and arthritic hands may find holding a book painful. In addition, seniors who are homebound might have trouble getting to the library or bookstore to get new books. If those experiences are keeping your parent from reading, here are some reasons to make the switch to audiobooks.

#1 Audiobooks Don’t Have to Be Held

Holding a book can be uncomfortable if your parent has arthritis or other conditions that affect the hands. Turning pages can also be difficult for fingers that aren’t as nimble as they used to be. With audiobooks, there’s no reason for your parent to use their hands at all. Today’s audiobooks can be downloaded to tablets, smartphones, and computers. They are also available on CDs. Your parent’s home care provider can simply set the device up to play the book and there’s no need for your parent to touch it unless they want to pause or stop the book. Even then, if the book is being played on a smartphone or tablet, pausing or stopping only requires a tap of the finger.

#2 Seniors with Vision Loss Can “Read”

Vision loss can make it difficult or even impossible for seniors to read. While there are large print books available, sometimes even those aren’t a possibility depending on the level of vision loss. Audiobooks allow seniors with vision loss to remain connected to the literary world. In fact, some might find audiobooks even more enjoyable since they are often read by professional voice actors and even some famous movie and television stars.

#3 Audiobooks Are a Great Boredom Buster

If your parent spends much of the day alone with only family caregivers and home care providers stopping in for short visits, audiobooks can be a great way to keep your parent from getting bored. In addition, the sound of another human voice may make them feel less lonely.

#4 Audiobooks Are Widely Available

Although your parent’s home care provider can drive them to the library or the bookstore for new books, audiobooks are even more easily available. Audiobooks are available on the Internet for instant download and many are even available for free. Some libraries also provide patrons with free access to audiobooks online using their library cards.




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