How Chicago Home Care Improves Senior Independence

Senior IndependenceAccording to the AARP, nearly 90 percent of adults age 65 and over prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, as opposed to moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. While the desire to remain in the familiarity of home is quite common, it can present a host of challenges for those older adults who require assistance with everyday tasks such as driving, cooking, bathing, etc. In fact, everything from keeping up with doctor appointments to shopping and socialization can become increasingly difficult as loved ones age, and while many seniors associate in-home care services with a loss of freedom, in-home care services, such as those provided by A-Abiding Care, are designed to support independence and increase senior loved ones’ wellbeing as well as their ability to thrive in-home and out.

The A-Abiding Care team offers unique home care services that support a greater emotional welfare, positivity and general satisfaction, critical to any aging or recovery period. Our services include:

  • Transportation and outings: Getting out of the house and being able to run errands or attend events helps senior individuals retain a sense of freedom. In-home caregivers can provide transportation and even accompany seniors on outings to help them maintain social interactions.
  • Care coordination: An in-home caregiver can make recommendations for assistive products and adaptive devices to enhance independence and coordinate the purchase of products. A professional in-home care agency can also assist with coordinating care across healthcare providers for the smoothest care transitions.
  • Exercise and activities: Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a senior’s physical and mental health. In-home caregivers help encourage activities and exercise to help enrich the senior’s mind, body, and spirit.
  • Travel companion/snowbirds: An older adult or disabled individual who cannot travel alone can still enjoy trips with our travel companion services. One of our professional caregivers can provide exceptional care and companionship during your loved one’s travels, whether he or she is on a cruise, staying at a resort, attending a business meeting, or simply visiting family or friends.

Helping seniors maintain their independence is our number one goal. That’s why A-Abiding Care provides the utmost in independent living support, with quality, affordable Chicago home care designed to increase seniors’ self-reliance and, ultimately, the quality of life for every client. Contact us today to discuss your loved one’s unique needs and interests, and to devise a plan of care that fits your loved one’s needs.

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