What You Should Expect From a Good Home Care Agency

Family interviews with agencyAs people age, they may find they are unable to do everything for themselves as they normally would. Adult children or other family members may try to take on daily tasks in order to help. The family caregivers may start giving small amounts of assistance, but this can grow almost daily until it becomes overwhelming, at which point, they begin to realize something more needs to be done. One solution is to seek professional help from an in-home care agency. If this is something the family has never encountered before, he or she may not know what to expect from a good home care agency.

The decision to hire a home care agency may be met with some resistance, since no-one wants to give up their independence, or feel they are losing control of their daily lives. Many older people will allow a family member to help, but really do not want a stranger to come into their home and “take over.” Professionals understand this, and are normally willing to meet with the family and the older person first, to explain their services and reassure the individual that his or her wishes will be accommodated as much as possible.

Home care agencies provide a variety of services for senior care.  A-Abiding Care will work with the person in need of help and the family to create a care plan that will meet the needs of the individual.  The care plan should provide the proper support while preserving the dignity of the senior, as well as allow as much independence as possible. Even though it may be difficult at first, once the care plan is in place and the senior gets to know some of the caregivers who will come to the home daily or weekly, a transition will happen, and the person will start to look forward to seeing their new caregivers on a regular basis.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a little help with bathing or meal preparation, long before any personal care is actually needed. This may be the best time to engage a home care agency, when the family members see that their loved one needs more help than they will be able to provide, and before a crisis arises. The home care agency will be willing to start slowly with certain services, and then their help can be increased as it becomes necessary.

In order to be properly informed and to know what to expect from a good in-home care agency, the person or persons who will be in charge of hiring the agency needs to research online, if possible, and be ready to ask the right questions of the agency in consideration. A-Abiding Care suggests using their agency comparison worksheet to help families ask the right questions so they may make an informed decision.

Contact us to schedule an interview time to meet a representative from A-Abiding Care so together we can find a solution that works for you and your loved one.

Why Choose Abiding Care?

trusted-providerA-Abiding Care is a Certified – Trusted Provider and have proven their commitment to their clients’ satisfaction by contracting with Home Care Pulse to gather and report feedback from their clients. Each client, or their responsible party, is given the opportunity to rate us on a scale of 1-10 in areas such as timeliness of caregivers, services being provided as promised and overall quality of care. In addition to the individual ratings, clients are given the opportunity to provide feedback on areas where the provider needs to improve as well as areas where they excel.






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